Excerpts from my Diary - Essaouira, Morocco, 2015.

"I head down to the docks to see what is happening, shoot a bit and wander around."

"Suddenly a guy on a boat yells at me to come over, I wander over to say g’day, he guesses i’m from Perth and after a brief chat i’m invited on board, meet all the crew and my night with Abdul begins.”

“We chat for a a while on the boat, he says ‘I know you, I know you don’t like the touristy stuff. Follow me, i’m just a crazy fisherman, we’ll have some fun,"

"I meet his friend MoMo from Mali and we sit around on the end of the dock, sheltered from the wind, swigging away at a bottle of mystery brew."

"I’m constantly convinced that i’m moments away from being told i’m a fool and mugged, but I can sense a good story so my intrigue takes over, that and Abdul keeps telling me that I can trust him because he’s a fisherman and he’s learnt to treat all people equal from living on the sea. A wise man it seems, what can go wrong?

Without asking my thoughts, he promptly suggests we go and get some fish for dinner and mentions he’ll cook it up into a Tajine out the back of MoMo’s shop. He tells me he hasn’t been paid yet so gets 100 Durham out of me to pay for the Tajine."

"He gets a fish all the locals called a Tiger Shark, it’s pretty small and everyone tells me how it’s delicious but you’ll wake up in the middle of the night sweating like crazy. I never really started to trust Abdul, but he warms to me as we wander through the town, saying g’day to lots of people and buying fresh vegetables, spices and bread from the markets, constantly reminding me to trust him, he’s just a crazy fisherman after all”

We paid these guys 10 Durham to skin and fillet the fish for us.


“We head over to MoMo’s shop and meet the incredibly stoned employee MaMaDu and the shop cat then start preparing the Tajine. When it starts bubbling away we walk a bit out of town to the locals pub where he pilfers a bit more money from me for a couple of beers and some red wine”

“Somewhat uneventfully, we end up just cruising back to the shop, eating the Tajine, drinking lots and hanging out with MoMo and Mamadu. By the end of the night we’re all considered brothers”

“I’m a bit nervous about waking up sweating profusely/dying in my sleep from some strange fish/shitting water for the next week but, upon awakening this morning all is well."

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